2004 - Heidelberg SM 74-10P
CP 2000 Touch Screen Technology Alcolor with Technotrans Combi Unit Ink Tempreture Control Water Cooled System. Preset Autoplate Programmable Wash up devices Grafix Exactronic Powder Spray Device Steel Plate in Feeder and Delivery
2008 - Komori LS 1040P
Komorimatic, PQC-S Touch Screen Control, Paper thickness preset, Paper size preset, Feeder pile sideways control, KHS - Komori High Speed Inking System, Full APC, Automatic ink roller, Ink roller twin nozzle (water & solvent),Automatic blanket & cylinder wash Solid transfer cylinder (0....
2014 - Heidelberg XL 106 8P
Perfector: 4+4 / 8+0 750 mm. x 1060 mm. Prinect Press Centre with Intellistart and Touch Screen, Prinext Inpress Control with Colour Assistant and instant Gate, Preset Plus Feeder, Double Sheet Detector, Alcolor with Technotrans Control Water Cooled, Inking Unit Temperature Control A...
2002 - Heidelberg SM 74 8P
Perfecting 4/4 8/0 CP 2000 Ink line automatic ink dosing Alcolor Technotrans Chiller Preset Autoplate Automatic washups Grafix powder spray
2004 - Komori LS 840 P
Perfecting 4/4 8/0 Komorimatic Plate register remote control Plate cylinder cocking remote control Ink fountain feed remote control Ink fountain key remote control PQC-S Paper thickness preset Automatic blanket cleaner Automatic ink roller cleaner Ink roller cleaner twin nozzle Automatic...
1995 - Heidelberg CD 102 6 LX
Maximum Sheet Size 720 x 1020mm, CP 1.04, CP Tronic, Auto plate, Preset feeder, Roller coater, Grafix powder, IR and Hot Air systems, Alcolor Vario, Ink unit washing device, Plate cylinder chromed, Non Stop Feeder, Pull guide control, High Pile Delivery, Air supply AirStar Pro Aircooled
1994 - Heidelberg CD 102 6 LX
Six colour with coater and extended delivery. Autoplate, Alcolor, CPC 1.03 13000 Speed/hr, Preset feeder, Automatic Ink and Blanket wash, Tower Coater, Recirculation and Ink Temp Control chilling system, Tresu coater , Powder spray IR dryer with continuous feeder and delivery
2001 - Heidelberg CD 102 6 LX
Maximum Sheet Size 720 x 1020mm Speed 15,000 SPH 275 million impressions Non Stop feeder & Delivery Electronic Sidelays CP 2000 Autoplate Preset Alcolor Automatic Washups Air Cabinets Technotrans Chillers Grafix Powder Spray Tower Coater Extended Delivery Machine Fully Prepared for U...
2004 - Heidelberg CD 74 6 C
Computer Controls. Auto Plate Loading 104 Million impressions Antistatic device, Automatic Blanket, Impression-cylinder & Roller Wash Axis Control quality control, Preset feeder (autom. paper size setting), Alcolor continuous dampening, CombiStar (ink unit temperature control + cooling)...
2005 - Heidelberg CD 74 6 P C
Dampening system Alcolor with Vario CP2000 Center Ink temp control Combination device, dampening solution temperature control water-cooled Program-controlled washup device automatic ink supply wiht Inkline Blanket cylinder Blanket washup device Impression cylinder washing device Preset str...
2002 - Heidelberg SM 74 6 PH
CP2000 Touch Screen Technology, Alcolor With Technotrans Unit, Pre Set Autoplate Programmable Wash Up Devices, Grafix Exactronic 3000 Powder Spray, Steel Plate in Feeder and Delivery, Perfector 3/3 + 6/0
2012 - KBA -Rapida 75 6
Straight Machine Ergotronic Control Console Techkon SpectroDrive Colour Bar Scanner High Pile Feeder Steel Plate In Feeder Autoplate Alcocontrol Technotrans Alpha Recirculation Grafix Digital 3000 Powder Spray Auto Ink Roller Wash Auto Blanket Wash Interface CIP3 System Steel Plate In...
1995 - Komori L 628 LX
Stream feeder Komorimatic PQC Chrome Impression Cylinders Quick action clamps Recirculation device Powder Spray Coating unit Extended delivery IR Dryer
1990 - Man Roland R 606-3B
Straight machine Console RCI 2 Rolandmatic dampening Technotrans refrigeration system Stream feeder Suction tape feeder Electronic Sidelay Detector Quick Release Clamps Blanket Wash Sheet Decurler High Pile Delivery Weko Powder Spray Standard Compressors Accessories and Manu...
2012 - Heidelberg XL 106 5 L X3 LE UV
Prinect Press Center WallScreen PresetPlus feeder InpressControl Autoplate CombiStar for dampening & Ink temperature control with AlcoSmart (press is water-cooled – w/o chiller and pumping station) Modular blanket wash-ups Combi Rollers (for UV and conventional inks) DryStar Combination U...
2003 - Heidelberg CD 74 5LX
CP Touch Screen Technology, Axis Control, Alcolor with Technotrans Unit, Ink Temperature Control with Technotrans Unit, Pre Set Autoplate, Promgrammable Wash Up Devices, Grafix Powder Spray, Dedicated Coater with Anilox Roller, Infra Red Dryer, Extended Delivery, Steel Plate In F...
1995 - Heidelberg SM 74 5PH
Maximum sheet Size: 520 x 740mm Maximum Speed: 15,000 SPH Perfecting 2/3 5/0 Scandinavian Machine Feeder with Steel plate and ramp Electronic double sheet control Pull-lay-control CP-Tronic CPC 1-04 Classic center with daylight-lamp CIP 3 system Autoplate Preset Alcolor Technotrans Ch...
2000 - Heidelberg SM74 5 P 3 L
Machine has been Cleaned, Powder Coated Guards & Footboards, New Bottcher Rollers 6 months ago 520 mm x 740 mm, Perfecting 2/3 5/0, Standard Feeder, Electronic sidelays, CPC 104, CP Tronic, Ink Temperature Control rollers, Alcolor, Technotrans Beta Recirculation Unit, Lithowater Cleaning System, P...
2003 - Heidelberg SM 52 5
Autoplate Automatic Blanket roller Impression Wash CP Tronic CPC 1-04 13000 sph Alcolor Technotrans Chiller
2006 - Heidelberg PM 52 5
Classic Center Electronic register control Alcolor dampening Easy plate Roller wash & blanket Alphatronic 200 Plus version