2011 - Hans Gronhi GH 525 NP
Max sheet size 520x375mm Stock range 0.04-0.4mm Speed 12,000sph Stream feeder Ultrasonic double sheet detection Pneumatic side lay Semi automatic plate loading with pre load facility Automated ink sweep with pre-inking facility Precision laser cut ink keys Automatic roller wash (prog...
2002 - Heidelberg CD 74 5 LX
CP2000 Touch Screen Technology Axis Control Alcolor withTechnotrans unit Ink Temperature Control with Technotrans unit Preset Autoplate Programmable Wash ups Grafix Powder Spray Dedicated Coater with Anilox Roller IR Dryer Extended Delivery Steel plate in Feeder and Delivery
2012 - Heidelberg SX 74 5 H
Press Centre Touch Screen Control Console Easy Control Colour Management System Alcolor With Vario Dampening with Technotrans Recirculation Unit Preset Autoplate Programmable Wash up Device For Rollers Blanket and Impression Cylinders Weko Powder Spray Device Steel Plate In Feeder and Deli...
1996 - Heidelberg SM 74 5PH
CP Tronic CPC 1.04 Ink and Register Alcolor Dampening with Technotrans Unit with Ink Temperture control Grafix Powder Spray Standard Feeder Steel Plate in Delivery
2000 - Heidelberg SM 74-5P3-L
One Owner From New. Maintained and serviced regardless of cost. CPC 104 CP Tronic Standard Feeder Electronic Sidelay Alcolor Technotrans Recirculation Unit Beta C120 Lithowater Cleaning System Preset Autoplate Ink Temperature Control Rollers Automatic Wash up Device for Rollers Blanke...
1997 - Heidelberg SM 74 5PH
Perfecting ¼ 5/0 Maximum Sheet Size 520 x 740mm CPC 1-04 CP Tronic Alcolor Baldwin Recirculation Automatic Blanker & roller wash Decurler Powder Spray Preset Autoplate
2006 - KBA RA 105 U5 CX
Five Colour Offset Press, Fully Auto Plate Change + Pneumatic Plate Bending Device, Cooling Unit, Kersten Anti Static Device, Auto Blanket, Roller & Impression Cylinder Wash, Inking Roller Cooling, Ipasonic Alcohol Metering Device, Weko AP262 Powder Spray with Ionisation, Plate Punc...
2007 - Komori LS 529 M
Five colour offset press, PQCS Console, AMR Automatic Make Ready, KMS IV Monitoring System, Grafix Digitronic Sprayer, SAPC, IR dryer Graphiset 2, Auto Ink Roller, Blanket & Cylinder Wash, Komorimatic Dampening with Technotrans Alpha D Refrigeration and re-circulation unit, Full Tr...
2013 - Komori LS 529+C
HUV System PQC Off Press Control KMS IV Monitoring System AMR PDC S11 Spectrophmeter Komorimatic Dampening with Technotrans Unit With Ink Tempreture Control Fully Automatic Plate Changing Transfer Cylinder Plate Cocking Remote Control Automatic Blanket, Impression and Ink Roller Wash Up Sy...
2005 - Mitsubishi Diamond 1000 5 C ED
Maximum Speed: 15000 IPH, 112 Million Impressions Maximum sheet Size 520 x 720mm Nonstop Feeder Steel Plate Feeder Suction feeder Board Electronic Sidelays PPC Server-CIP3 Mitsubishi alcohol damping system Technotrans Alpha C circulation and refrigeration SAPC semi-automatic plate chang...
2000 - Sakurai 572 ED II
Maximum sheet size: 520 x 720 mm Maximum speed: 13,000 sph 14 Million Impressions Showing on Counter Steel Plate feeder Suction Feed Board Electronic sidelays Double Size Impression Cylinders Chrome Impression Cylinders SCCII Off Press control Olivermatic dampening Technotrans Refriger...