2000 - Heidelberg SM74 5 P 3 L
Machine has been Cleaned, Powder Coated Guards & Footboards, New Bottcher Rollers 6 months ago 520 mm x 740 mm, Perfecting 2/3 5/0, Standard Feeder, Electronic sidelays, CPC 104, CP Tronic, Ink Temperature Control rollers, Alcolor, Technotrans Beta Recirculation Unit, Lithowater Cleaning System, P...
2012 - Heidelberg SX 74 5 L
New generation control desk. Device for spectrophotometric color control. Alcohol dampening. Automatic dispensing of ink from cartridges placed above the printing units. Autoplate Automatic cleaning of paint rollers. Automatic wash of rubber and pressure cylinders. Coater High pile delive...
1996 - Heidelberg SM 74 5PH
CP Tronic CPC 1.04 Ink and Register Alcolor Dampening with Technotrans Unit with Ink Temperture control Grafix Powder Spray Standard Feeder Steel Plate in Delivery
2006 - Heidelberg SM 52 5 P 3
CP2000 39 million impressions Alcolor dampening Technotrans alpha refrigeration Autoplate Auto roller wash Auto blanket wash Auto impression cylinder wash Perfecting 2+3 / 5+0 Alphatronic 200 powder spray device Maximum speed: 15,000 sph Plus version (Gearing to accept numbering unit) V...
2003 - Heidelberg SM 52 5
Autoplate Automatic Blanket roller Impression Wash CP Tronic CPC 1-04 13000 sph Alcolor Technotrans Chiller
2013 - Komori LS 529 LX
First installed in 2014 Maximum sheet size: 530x750mm. Impressions 44 Million Speed 16,000 SPH Steam feeder Electronic Sidelays Chrome Cylinders PQC KMS IV Monitoring System PDC SII Colour Scanner AMR Automatic Make Ready Komorimatic Preset Ink Temperature Control Autoplate Automatic...
1999 - Komori L 528 ES
PQC, Komorimatic, Powder Spray, Decurler, Chrome Cylinders Great Condition,
2003 - Roland 505
Modular control desk (PECOM Press Center) Central oil and grease lubrication Central compressed air system for suction and blowing air Refrigerated dryer for condensate-free compressed air Double-sized impression cylinder Automatic front-mark adjustment (parallel and oblique) Automatic format...
2005 - Sakurai 575 SD Coater
Max sheet size 765x600mm Double diameter of Cylinders pressure Double diameter of Cylinders transfer SAS Sakurai Auto Set SPC Sakurai semiautomatic plate change SCC II separate control desk with ink and register Programmable auto washing for ink roller and blanket IR Dryer Chiller All ch...
1994 - Heidelberg CD 102 V+L
Maximum Sheet Size: 720 x 1020mm Steel plate Feeder ( New Style Square Feeder) CP Tronic CPC 1.03 Autoplate Diagnonal Register Automatic Blanket wash Inetdeck UV Drying Tower Coater End of Press UV Dring
2000 - Heidelberg SM 102 4P
Max sheet size 720 x 1020 mm Alcolor Auto Ink Roller, Blanket & Impression Cylinder Wash CP 2000 Autoplate ...
1996 - Heidelberg SM 102 4
Straight 4 colour machine CP Tronic CPC 1.04 Alcolor Autoplate Auto wash ups Preset
2009 - Heidelberg SM 74 4 L
Autoplate, Alcolor, Technotrans, CP2000, Roller, Blanket and Impression Cylinders Wash, Acrylic Lack Unit, IR Dryer, Grafix Powder Spray
1989 - Heidelberg Speedmaster 72 VP
Maximum Sheet Size 520 x 720mm Perfecting 2/2 4/0 Impressions 85 Million Stream feeder CPC 1-02 CP Tronic Alcolor Baldwin Chiller Quick Plate clamps Super Blue Grafix Powder Spray Decurler Pallet Forks in Delivery Fantastic Condition Highly Maintained
1995 - Heidelberg SM 74 4 H
autoplate: semi-automatic plate change alcolor damping unit cooling: Technotrans CPC CP Tronic all wash ups Grafix Alphatronic 200 hot air Dryer gripper coated chromed plate cylinder chromed impression cylinders Electr. sidelay control antistatics in feeder and delivery Plate punch ...
2006 - Heidelberg SM 74 4 L
Impressions: Circa 36 Million Alcohol dampening unit: Alcolor vario CP 2000 ImageControl IR-dryer Autoplate Eltex Antistatic Missing Sheet Control Chilled inking rollers Coater Blanket, Impression cylinders & Roller Wash Technotrans Chiller Alphatronic 200 Powder Spray
1984 - Heidelberg Speedmaster 72 V
Alcohol Damping Refrigeration Unit Manual Ink ducts Quick Plate Clamps De-curler Chrome Impression Cylinders Weko Powder Spray Pallet Forks Delivery Fantastic Condition Highly Maintained
2009 - Heidelberg SM 52 4
Up to 0.6mm Thickness CP 2000 Anicolor Alcolor Vario Autoplate CombiStar Compact Automatic washers Alphatronic 200 powder spray Programmable washers Plus Version
2005 - Heidelberg SM 52 4
CP 2000, Alcolor, Preset, Autoplate, Automatic Washups
2008 - Heidelberg SM 52 4 L
CP 2000 Anicolor Automatic washups Preset Autoplate Technoptrans Chiller Tower Coater Extended Delivery