2002 - Bobst Media 100 II Price on request

Machines Details


For Production of Straight Line & Crash Lock Cartons

Carton Sizes:
Maximum Width 1000 mm Minimum Width 56 mm
Maximum Length 600 mm Minimum Length 60 mm
Convertible stock Solid 100-600 g/m2
Corrugated up to E flute Maximum Thickness 8 mm
Operating speed 20 - 300 m/min
Vibrator on feeder
Pre fold section
Bobst Computer Setting
HHS Xtrend Electronic Glue System 4 Guns
Side Glue Tank
Trombone Section
Electronic Counter
Compression Conyevor

Machine Dimensions:
Length 10500 - 11800 mm, Width 1920 - 2300 mm, Height 2650 mm, Weight 4700 kg
Drive System Inching speed 20 m/min

Similar Machines

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