2012 - KBA -Rapida 75 6 Price on request

Machines Details


Straight Machine
Ergotronic Control Console
Techkon SpectroDrive Colour Bar Scanner
High Pile Feeder
Steel Plate In Feeder
Technotrans Alpha Recirculation
Grafix Digital 3000 Powder Spray
Auto Ink Roller Wash
Auto Blanket Wash
Interface CIP3 System
Steel Plate In Delivery
High Pile Delivery

Similar Machines

2007 - Man Roland 905 LV
Machine Control RCI II Feeder Non-Stop feeder Suction feeder table Steel plate in feeder Straight machine PPL semi automatic plate change Roland Deltamatic dampening Automatic roller, blanket and impression cylinder washDampening system: Technotrans Beta.D Ink fill system: Ink tempera...
2007 - Man ROland 706 LV
APL: automatic platechanger RCI 2, remote control for ink + register ColorPilot FM 19 Rolandmatic-Delta dampening Technotrans cooling Ink unit cooling Grapho-metronic All Wash Ups Tower coater Tresu chambered docter blade system: Seccomatic IR dryer: Grafix powder spray:
2002 - Heidelberg SM 102 8 P
Convertible 8/0 or 4/4 Perfecting, Maximum sheet size 720 x 1020mm Steel plate in feeder, Suction tape feed table, Alcolor Vario dampening Technotrans refrigerated recirculation, CP2000, Autoplate, Preset, Ink chilled rollers, Auto blanket, roller and impression cylinder washers Al...
2001 - Heidelberg SM 102 8 P L
Eight Colour Offset Press Convertible 8/0 or 4/4 Perfecting, Maximum sheet size 720 x 1020mm, Steel plate in feeder, Suction tape feed table Alcolor dampening, Technotrans refrigerated recirculation CP2000, Autoplate, Preset, Auto blanket, roller and impression cylinder washers 9th un...
1999 - Heidelberg SM 102 8 5P
CP 2000 Press control CIP 3 ALCOLOR Dampening TECHNOTRANS Refrigeration Unit AUTOPLATE Semi automatic plate changer PRESET Automatic washing devices Perfect jackets GRAFIX EXACTRONIC Duo Plus Powder Spray
1997 - Heidelberg SM 102 8 P
CP Tronic, CPC 1-04, Autoplate, Preset, Blanket and roller wash Alcolor dampening, Water cooled Chiller not included. Perfector 4+4
2001 - Heidelberg CD 102 6 LX
(installed 2002) CP 2000 Automatic washups Auto plate Preset Alcolor Technotrans Chiller Coater IR dryer
2001 - Heidelberg CD 102 6 LX
CP 2000 Autoplate Preset Automatic Wasups Alcolor Technotrans Tower Coater IR Dryer
2001 - Heidelberg CD 102 6LX
6 Color Straight + Coater with Extended Delivery SerialNo.: 544xxx PRESET Feeder, CIP-3 Interface, Non Stop Feeder & Delivery, Alcolor Vario Dampening, Auto Wash Ups, Plate Cocking, Technotrans Ink Lines, Technotrans Ink Tempreture Control System, Paper Presets, Central Air Cabinets...
1998 - Heidelberg CD 102 6 LYLX
CP Tronic CPC 1-04 Alcolor Autoplate Preset Tresu Coater x 2 Grafix IR dryer Electronic sidelays Prog. roller/blanket/imp cyl. wash via CP Tronic Grafix Exactronic plus powder spray Technotrans Beta C combined refrigeration/Ink temperature control Steel plate in feeder and delivery Non-...
1996 - Heidelberg CD 102 6 L
Straight machine NO AUTOPLATE Alcolor dampening CPC 1,04 CP Tronic Technotrans Grafix powder sprayer IR dryer Extended delivery
1994 - Heidelberg CD 102 6 LX
Six colour with coater and extended delivery. Autoplate, Alcolor, CPC 1.03 13000 Speed/hr, Preset feeder, Automatic Ink and Blanket wash, Tower Coater, Recirculation and Ink Temp Control chilling system, Tresu coater , Powder spray IR dryer with continuous feeder and delivery
2002 - Heidelberg SM 102 5 P3+L
Waterbased coating unit CP 2000 Alcolor dampening Technotrans Refrigeration Autoplate Auto Roller Wash Auto Blanket Wash Auto Impression Wash Preset IR Dryer Automatic washer Non stop at delivery Graphix Powder spray
2000 - Sakurai 572 ED II
Maximum sheet size: 520 x 720 mm Maximum speed: 13,000 sph 14 Million Impressions Showing on Counter Steel Plate feeder Suction Feed Board Electronic sidelays Double Size Impression Cylinders Chrome Impression Cylinders SCCII Off Press control Olivermatic dampening Technotrans Refriger...
1999 - Mitsubishi 1 G 5
Sheet Size: 520 x 720mm Double Impression Cylinders ( Same as Heidelberg CD 74) Steel Plate Feeder Non Stop Feeder Electronic Sidelays Comrac Offpress Inking controls Mitsubishi Delta Damping Chrome Impression Cylinders Semi Automatic Plate Change Presets Fast Wash Automatic Blanket Impre...
1987 - Heidelberg SM 102 FP
CPC1.02 Alcolor Dampening Quick action plate clamps Perfector 1-4 Machine can be seen running and there is no damage to cylinders
1984 - Heidelberg SM 102 F
Straight machine High pile delivery Stream feeder with belt Electromechanic double sheet detection Alcolor continuous dampening with Baldwin's alcohol metering; cooling and re-circulation unit system CPC 1-02 (Remote inking; dampening; axial, circumferential register control with light pen; ...
1994 - Heidelberg CD 102 V+L
Maximum Sheet Size: 720 x 1020mm Steel plate Feeder ( New Style Square Feeder) CP Tronic CPC 1.03 Autoplate Diagnonal Register Automatic Blanket wash Inetdeck UV Drying Tower Coater End of Press UV Dring
1980 - Heidelberg SM 102 VP
Perfecting: 4/0 2 2 CPC: 1-02 Grafix Powder spray: Baldwin cooling High pile delivery Steel plate in feeder Pallet fork in delivery New overhauled main motor