2013 - Morgana Digi Book 450 Perfect Binder Price on request

Machines Details


Up to 450 books per hour
Touch screen operation
Binding length (spine) from 100mm up to 450mm
Spine thickness from 2 to 50 mm
Spine preparation by sophisticated notching device
Paper chip extractor
PUR Gluing Patented hermetically sealed PUR application system for spine and side gluing with automatic glue cut-off
Automatic cleaning and sealing of the glue head
Hand feed station
Milling and Nipping
Cover Feeder

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2010 - Duplo DPB 500 Perfect Binder
Book Block Length 120 to 360mm Book Block Thickness 1 to 51mm Book Block Height 120 to 320mm Cover Length 120 to 360mm Cover Width 250 to 696mm Single clamp binder Milling Hot Melt Spine Glueing Hot Melt Side Gluieng Suction cover feeder Nipping station