2001 - Heidelberg SM 102 10P
Perfecting : 5+5 Alcolor Auto Blanket Roller Wash Auto Ink Roller Wash Auto Impressions Cylinder Wash Technotrans CP 2000 ...
2008 - Ryobi 750 10P
Size: 600 X 780 mm PDC- Ink- and Register remote control PDC-S Density quality control RYOBI Matic Dampening system TECHNOTRANS Refrigeration Unit Full automatic plate changer Automatic size- and pressure settings All automatic washing devices Ink form oscillatin...
2012 - Heidelberg SM 74 8 P LX
8 color with perfector 4+4+L ; 8+0+L Size: 530 x 740 mm Press Center with touch screen Alcolor with Vario Preset feeder with one suction tape Technotrans beta.c with AlcoSmart AZR CombiStar CAN open (air-cooled) Ink temperature control AutoPlate IntelliStart Powder spryer WEKO AP262 Coat...
1996 - Heidelberg CD 102 6 L
Straight machine NO AUTOPLATE Alcolor dampening CPC 1,04 CP Tronic Technotrans Grafix powder sprayer IR dryer Extended delivery
1994 - Heidelberg CD 102 6LX
Autoplate Preset feeder CP Tronic CPC 1-03 Alcolor Technotrans Refigration/Recirculation Coater IR Dryer/ Hot Air Excellent condition Still in production No Damage to any Gears/Cylinders 1 Owner Machine Very Highly Maintained
1994 - Heidelberg CD 102 SLX
Maximum sheet Size 720 x 1020mm CPC 1-03 CP tronic Alcolor Autoplate Preset feeder IR dryer Powder spray Extended delivery No Damage to Cylinders and Gears
2002 - Heidelberg CD 74 6 LX F
Coater, 585 x 740 mm, 15.000 sh/h, Elevated, CP2000 Console, Airstar Central air cabinet, Approx. 153 mi impressions. Feeder: Non-Stop, side lay, double sheet detector, stream control, antistatic. Print Units: Autoplate, Automatic Blanket, Roller & impression cyl Washers, all chrome...
2012 - KBA -Rapida 75 6
Straight Machine Ergotronic Control Console Techkon SpectroDrive Colour Bar Scanner High Pile Feeder Steel Plate In Feeder Autoplate Alcocontrol Technotrans Alpha Recirculation Grafix Digital 3000 Powder Spray Auto Ink Roller Wash Auto Blanket Wash Interface CIP3 System Steel Plate In...
2001 - KBA Rapida 105 6 LX CX
6 Colour with Coater Raised 40cm Max Speed (Sheets / Hr) 15000 Sheet Size (Max / Min) 720 x 1050 Thickness 0,08 - 1,2 mm CX package for cardboard up to 1.2mm Steel plate on feeder and delivery Suction tape feeder Preset feeder (automatic thickness and paper size setting) Double shee...
1999 - Roland 706 LTTLV
Maximum sheet size 720 x 1040mm Non Stop feeder RCI CCI Autoplate Preset Rolandmatic Technotrans Chillers Automatic Blanket Roller Impression Cylinder Wash All Units Interdeck UV Prepared, 3 Movable Cassettes, Anilox Coater UV Drying Tower IR Dryng Tower Anilox Coater Powder Spray ...
0 - Roland 706 LV
Rolandmatic RCI Ink Control Remote Technotrans Cooling & Circulation Autoplate IR Dryer UV Dryer 1 x Interdeck changeable between 1-2 or 2-3 Extended Delivery Grafix Powder Spray Free from damage In Production
2006 - Heidelberg XL 105 5 LX
PRINECT CP 2000 Center Image Control – Quality control with Spectrometer CP 2000 Center Color Assistant Preset Plus Feeder & Delivery HYCOLOR System VARIO Alcohol-Dampening Autoplate semi automatic plate changer Preset automatic size- and pressure settings Impression cylinder chromed All A...
2002 - Heidelberg CD 102 5
Autoplate: semi automatic Alcolor Vario Technotrans CP 2000 Preset Automatic Blanket, Rubber and Impression Cylinder Wash Powder Spray Electronic Side Edge and Double Sheet Controls Chilled Delivery IR Dryer Checked by Heidelberg Service Cleaned by hand NO COMPRESSOR
2008 - Heidelberg CD 102 5 LX
Preset Plus Feeder and Preset Plus Delivery Extended Delivery (X2) PRINECT PRESS CENTER AUTOPLATE PRESET COATING UNIT with Chambered Ductor Blade and Anilox Roller Infra Red Dryer and Hot Air Dryer ALCOLOR dampening with VARIO Technotrans Combistar Central Refrigeration (Water Cooled...
2002 - Heidelberg CD 102 5 L
Rebuild at 0 impression count Steel plate on feeder and delivery with ramp (for plastic or wooden pallets)- Stream feeder with belt Electronic double sheet detection Electromechanic double sheet detection Electronic side lay control, fotoelectronic and akustic Anti-static on feeder and de...
1993 - Heidelberg CD 102 5LX
Autoplate, Preset, CP Tronic, CPC 1O3, Alcolor, IR Dryer/ Hot Air, Technotrans Refigration/Recirculation No Damage to any Gears/Cylinders, Heidelberg Maintained, 1 Owner From New, Available immediately from Europe
2010 - Heidelberg XL 75 5
Preset Plus Feder and Delivery Alcolor VARIO CP2000 Off Press Controls Autoplate, Technotrans Beta C Combination Refrigeration & Recirculation Unit Automatic Wash Up Devices Grafix PowderStar Powder Spray Machine max speed 15.000, No damages, Ink temp. control Additional system DSL - ...
1987 - Heidelberg SM 72 FP
Perfecting 2/3 5/0 Maximum Sheet size 520 x 720mm CPC 1-02 Alcolor Baldwin Chiller Quick Plate Clamps Powder Spray Decurler Pallet forks in delivery
2006 - Heidelberg PM 52 5
Easyplate,Classic Center,CP-Tronic With Integrated Register,Alcolor Dampening,Baldwin Recirculation,Auto Ink Roller Wash,Auto Blanket Wash,Superblue,Ultrasonic Double Sheet Control,Sheet De-Curler,Mediprint Dry Spray
2006 - Heidelberg SM 52 5 +
Autoplate, Alcolor, Technotrans, CP2000, Printect Press Center, Axis Control, Color Assistant, Rollers and Blankets Washers, Impression Cylinders Washers, Easy Inking system, Grafix Powder Spray, Non Stop Feeder and Delivery, Plus Version, Low Pile Delivery