1989 - Heidelberg Speedmaster 72 VP
Maximum Sheet Size 520 x 720mm Perfecting 2/2 4/0 Impressions 85 Million Stream feeder CPC 1-02 CP Tronic Alcolor Baldwin Chiller Quick Plate clamps Super Blue Grafix Powder Spray Decurler Pallet Forks in Delivery Fantastic Condition Highly Maintained
1984 - Heidelberg Speedmaster 72 V
Alcohol Damping Refrigeration Unit Manual Ink ducts Quick Plate Clamps De-curler Chrome Impression Cylinders Weko Powder Spray Pallet Forks Delivery Fantastic Condition Highly Maintained
2005 - Heidelberg SM 52 4
15.000 machine CP2000 Alcolor Automatic Blanket roller & impression wash Technotrans chiller Powder Spray Autoplate Geared for Numbering
1988 - Heidelberg GTO 52 VP
Four Colour Perfecter Press. Standard Conventional Dampening. Spray Unit
1990 - Heidelberg GTO 52 VP
Max Sheet Size 360 x 520 mm CPC1-02 Alcolor Dampening Baldwin Refrigeration Chrome Impression Cylinders Chrome plate cylinders Static Eliminators Electronic Two Sheet Detection QA Plate Clamps with Pin Register Two Feed Boards Two Delivery Boards Powder Spray Plate Punch Only 20 Millio...
2004 - Heidelberg Printmaster GTO 52 4
New Style design Slopping Guards 2 Feeder Boards Double Sheet Detector Laser Cut Ink Ducts DDS Damping Powder Spray Console on Delivery 2 Delivery Trolleys
1996 - Komori L 428
Komorimatic dampening Quick action plate clamps Chromed cylinders Weko T77c powder spray PDC scanner PQC Technotrans Alpha D refrigeration High pile delivery
1987 - Roland Favorit RVFOB
Roland Mabeg pre piling automatic feeder and extended high-pile delivery, standard accessories and electrical driving equipment. Rolandmatic dampening system with McKinley Rollers Edelmann Chillers RCI off press Ink Control System Super blue nets on transfer and delivery drum shafts Preloading...
2000 - Heidelberg SM 102 2
CP2000 Console , Manual Ink Ducts, Autoplate , Alcolor, Preset, Autoplate, Powder Spray
1991 - Heidelberg GTO 52 ZP +
Perfecting 2/0/1/1 Maximum sheet Size 360 x 520mm 2 Feeder Boards Conventional Damping Powder Spray Quick Plate Clamps Numbering & Perforating 2 Delivery Trolleys
1992 - Heidelberg GTO 52 Z+
2 Feeder Boards, Conventional Damping, Powder Spray, Geared For N+P, 2 Delivery Trolleys
1984 - Heidelberg GTO 52 Z+
Varn Kompac Dampening System Plus Version Numbering and Perforating Unit 2 Delivery Trolleys
1978 - Heidelberg GTO 46 ZP
Maximum Sheet Size: 360 x 460mm Perfecting 1/1 2/0 2 Feeder Boards Conventional Damping Powder Spray 2 Delivery Trolleys Geared for N+P
1978 - Roland Rekord RZP 2C
Pre loader Steel Plate in Feeder Conventional Dampening Grafix Powder Spray Pallet Forks Delivery
1995 - Sakurai Oliver 258 EP II
12,000 SPH Maximum Sheet Size: 450 x 580 cm 2 Feeder Boards Olivermatic Continuous Dampening system operates with a simple touch button control, complete Refrigeration and circulation unit SPC Sakurai Plate Changing System Sakurai`s own design tail edge suction system Stable sheet transfer ...
1990 - Heidelberg MO S
Maximum Sheet size 480 x 650mm 2 Feeder Boards High Pile Feeder Stream Feeder Alcohol Damping Quick Plate Clamps Powder Spray Geared for N+P 5 Delivery trolleys Manuals & Tools
1979 - Heidelberg GTO 46 +
Maximum Sheet Size: 320 x 460 mm 2 Feeder Boards Conventional Damping Powder Spray Geared For Numbering Numbering & Perforating Unit 2 Delivery Trolleys Manuals & Tools
1986 - Ryobi 530
Max Paper Size 370 x 530 Conventional Dampening Speed 10,000 sph
2006 - Bobst Mistral 110 A2
Max. blank width 1100 mm Min. blank width 126 mm Max. blank length 800 mm Min. blank length 60 mm All technical equipment for straight-line, Crash Lock 4- and 6-point gluing. It also have two Bobst Wonderfoil modules for special gluing Equipped with latest HHS hotmelt System Xtrend– 7 gun...
0 - Bobst PCR 880
maximum carton blank width – 880 mm. For production of simple side seam cartons. Belt feed from bottom of pile, and feed gate with pressure claw wheel. Pre-fold section. Bottom left glue wheel. Final closing section. 2 trombone/shingling belts. Full width compression/delivery belts. Ne...