1998 - Heiber& Schroder WPC 800 Film Window Pick & Place Machine
Max/Min Carton Length 100 - 1020mm Max/Min Carton Width 80 - 1100mm Film Thickness 0.2mm – 0.35mm Carton Weight: 250 – 800 g/cm2 Suction Feed Belts Computer Controls Conveyor Delivery Tools & Manuals Full Specification Sheet Available Video available of the machine in production
1993 - Bobst Easy Press 103
For the Production of Sample Cartons The Bobst Easy Press allows you to Die Cut 1 sheet at a time to ensure Dies have been made correctly and also to produce Sample and trial Cartons This machine will work with both Bobst 76 & 102 size Chases & Dies and has complete tooling for both
1987 - Bobst Domino 90
Equipped for Straight Line & Crashlock Cartons Vibrator on Feeder Prefold device Crash Lock System Electronic Glue System Side Glue Tank Trombone Belts Conveyor Delivery Manuals & Tools
1986 - Blumer D 18 M
Hand Feed Station<br>Hydraulic Clamping<br>Safety Guarding<br>Extended Chute Delivery
1986 - Jagenberg Diana 105
Equipped to produce Straight line and Crashlock Cartons Vibrator on Feeder Pre fold HHS Electronic Glue System 6 Guns Side Glue Tank Kicker Counter Drying Conveyor
1972 - Bobst SP 1420 E Autoplaten
Maximum sheet size – 1000 x 1420 mm. Minimum sheet size – 500 x 700 mm. Impressional strength – 600 tons. Speed – up to 4,500 s.p.h. Stock converted: maximum thickness of folding board 1.5 mm; maximum thickness corrugated 4 mm. Suction feeder with adjustable pallet plate. Operator side ...
2006 - Perfecta-132 TVC
Digital Programming With Touch Screen Light Beam Guards Air Table Manuals Tools
2012 - Schneider Senator 115 H
Air Tables TFT Colour Monitor Touch Screen Adjustable Clamp Pressure Hydraulic Drive Central Lubrication System Optical Cut Indicator Clamp Cover Plate Light Beam Guarding Maximum cutting width: 1150mm Maximum Insertion depth 1150mm Maximum Pressing Pressure DaN 4500
1990 - Polar 115 EMC Monitor
Micro Computer Programme 2 Speed Back Gauge Monitor Keyboard Programming with Static Back Gauge Quick Job Change 99 Prog/1664 Steps Variable Pressure Clamp Air Table Gripper Margin Adjustment Spare Knife Rear Bed Guarding FFM Guarding System
0 - Perfecta UC 115
2 Side Air Tables, Screen Display, Programmatic, Light Beam Guards, Spare Blades, Jogger with Air Removal, Pile Lift
1996 - KRIFFT & ZIPSNER VB 140 RL Pile Turner
Max. sheet size: 800 x 1200 mm Min. pile height: 650 mm Max. pile height: 1.300 mm Max. stack weight: 1.200 kg Standard machine with air and jogging device
2001 - Gietz FS 870 Hot Foiler
22000 hours<br>3 foil drives <br>High pile delivery <br>2 honeycombes <br><br>
2004 - Stahl TD 78 6 /4/2
Pallet feeder Tremat Feeder Head Front Air Blower & Side Paddle Blower Digital Controls Batch Counter 6 ParallelFolding Plates with Slitting, Scoring & Perforating Shafts Unit 1 4 Parallel Folding Plates with Slitting, Scoring & Perforating Shafts Unit2 2 Parallel Folding Plates with S...
1990 - Polar 58 EM
Hydraulic Knife Light Beam Guards Adjustable Clamp Pressure Foot Clamp LCD Display Easy Programming Single Phase Model
1999 - Stahl Ti 56 6/4/K
Round Pile Feeder Blower and Paddle control Digital Counter Digital Controls 6 Folding plates Slitting & scoring Unit 2 4 Folding Plates Slitting Scoring VSA M Presser stacker delivery
0 - MBO K52 4KL
Maximum Sheet Size 520 x 720mm Flat Pile Feeder Counter 4 Folding Plates 2 Knives Mobile Delivery Pump