1989 - Asahi Simon AP 1020 Cartonmaster Price on request

Machines Details


Automatic Diecutter
Stream feeder
Double sheet detector
Max sheet Size 740 X 1,020 mm (29.2” X 40.2”)
Die Cutting Size 730 X 1,020 mm (28.75” X 40.2”)
Thickness 0.1 – 3 mm
Corrugate Board up to 5 mm A flute
Speed 6,000 SPH
Max Pressure 250 Tons

Similar Machines

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9000 Sheets per hour 63A Electric supply required New Chains 2014 Non Stop Feeder Model W4 Centreline Equipment 260 tonnes Pressure Electronic Touch Screen Control Anti static equipment on feeder 2 Chases Stripping Equipment (Male and Female Chases) Blanking Register System M...
1972 - Bobst SP 1420 E
Maximum sheet size – 1000 x 1420 mm. Minimum sheet size – 500 x 700 mm. Impressional strength – 600 tons. Speed – up to 4,500 s.p.h. Stock converted: maximum thickness of folding board 1.5 mm; maximum thickness corrugated 4 mm. Suction feeder with adjustable pallet plate. Operator side ...