1983 - Bobst Domino 100 M Price on request

Machines Details


Maximum open blank width – 1000 mm
Maximum open blank length – 108 mm
Can produce: sideseam, lockbottom and four-corner cartons.
Friction belt feed from bottom of pile with vibration assist; with timed feed-in chains to back-fold.
Prefold section with lock bottom equipment and back fold hooks for four corners.
Left and right bottom glue units with disc.
HHS C1100 electronic glue system with 4 guns and glue pump.
Final fold section with belt speed variators.
Trombone/shingling belts.
Batch counter and kicker.
Compression/delivery belt.

Similar Machines

0 - Bobst PCR 880
maximum carton blank width – 880 mm. For production of simple side seam cartons. Belt feed from bottom of pile, and feed gate with pressure claw wheel. Pre-fold section. Bottom left glue wheel. Final closing section. 2 trombone/shingling belts. Full width compression/delivery belts. Ne...
0 - Vega 400
Open Blank Max 420 mm Min Blank open 54 mm Folded Blank max 200 mm Min Folded Blank 24mm Blank length max 400 mm Blank length Min 55 mm Speed 18 – 400 m/minute Vibrator on Feeder Bottom Glue Tank 2 Trombone Units Compression Unit Vega Pack 340
1987 - Bobst Domino 90
Equipped for Straight Line & Crashlock Cartons Vibrator on Feeder Prefold device Crash Lock System Electronic Glue System Side Glue Tank Trombone Belts Conveyor Delivery Manuals & Tools
1983 - Jagenberg Diana 70 -1
Max Carton Blank size : 700 mm Max Speed : 450 m/min Equipped for Straight Line Cartons Vibrator on Feeder Pre Fold HHS Xtrend Electronic Glue System with 7 Guns HHS Promelt Hot glue System with 2 Guns Side Glue Tank Kicker Counter Conveyor Delivery